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We were called Elle Design

“This is where I pulled many an all-nighter to perfect our painting techniques: it’s the garage behind my parent’s house and it was our first laboratory. Back then we were called ‘Elle Design’ like the initial of my name: the ‘L’ of Luca, but in Italian.
This is where it all started, initially airbrushing helmets as a hobby and then doing it as a job. The first ones I ever created were for my brother and myself, then came those for Fabrizio Giovanardi, Andrea Bertolini and many others.
Eventually, word-of-mouth generated such a steady flow of interest that we were forced to move.”

The boom of karting helmets

“Today this is our ‘fun shop’, but for a good three to four years it was Elle Design’s second home.
This warehouse sits right next to the garage where it all started and back then it housed three standard painting booths with exhaust fans, plus an outright graphic design studio.
This is where the business grew to become Lucky Design , it is where we took on our first employees and where our work really evolved into a proper professional operation.
And karting played a foundational role in all this.”

The big jump with Arai

“Once we ‘discovered’ the world of karting we had to change location again: in 1996 we moved to Rubiera and then from there to Scandiano, where we
still are today.
This is the phase when we kicked off our collaboration with Arai and Bell, which eventually led us to become one of the few helmet painting
companies with authorization by the big Manufacturers to disassemble and reassemble products directly on-site, guaranteeing the preservation of all
safety standards.”

2013 - TODAY
Lucky Design, leader in quality standards and track service

“In the business for over twenty years, Lucky Design employs eight full-time artists who create an average of 500 helmets a year, each one working on every piece with the same passion I had when I designed my first motocross helmet. Today we also sell products that are key for motorsport professionals and we are one of the few companies that offers technical assistance to drivers and their helmets directly on track. In addition, as of this year, we are exclusive Schuberth distributor for Italy.”

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