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 It all started out for fun: I decided to design and paint my own helmet, the one I used for motocross;
people on track loved it and some friends asked me if I would also do their helmets.
Over more than 20 years, what began as a game has become a real job, but the driving force is still the same, passion:
my passion for graphic design, for innovation, and for customer satisfaction.
Just like the constant evolution of our helmet decoration techniques, we want to prove that Lucky Design invests in the future.

Luca Dalia - Founder Lucky Design

Lucky Design works with all the major karting companies and racing teams of all sizes to develop a comprehensive visual brand concept:
from kart decals to logos, from clothing to truck graphics, we offer the full works, from the first free hand drafts to the final print job.
Yes, free hand drafts .. beacuse in Lucky Design the creative process always begins with freestyle drawings. These are then digitalized and discussed with clients and either approved or further developed according to the modifications requested.


freccia-destra IDENTITY
Team work and corporate identity are paramount in Lucky Design. This is why our artists “autograph” every helmet they create with our distinctive company decal.

freccia-destra CERTIFICATION
Every helmet comes with a sale certificate reporting its date of production and serial number. This document traces the processing life of each product and serves as the basis of the 24 month warranty that guarantees all Lucky Design creations.

freccia-destra QUALITY
On the left side of all helmets, hidden by the visor, there is a special sticker that specifies the date when it was painted.
Certifying this key detail of a helmet’s creation is a further element of Lucky Design’s pledge of quality-assurance.

freccia-destra CUSTOMER SERVICE
Today the Lucky Design truck is a set feature of the paddock at all major karting events. Here anyone can purchase our products (visors and LLc accessories) as well as other brand products distributed by Lucky Design (Freem, Arai, Bell, Oakley), but most importantly, this is where we assist drivers with technical services such as helmet cleaning, visor replacement, and repairs.
In these moments,
you can always step inside our office and sit down with us to discuss the design concept of your next helmet.

freccia-destra You can read more about Lucky Design, on our COMPANY HISTORY

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